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Attractions along the Dunajec Valley

In the Dunajec valley, the most important attraction is, of course, the Dunajec! The beautiful meandering river and the wild and unique nature cannot be found in any other area. There is a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

If you are interested in spending some more time around after the rafting, the following are the best attractions near our base:

Czchów – the ruins of the 13th century castle
The ruins are a site of archaeological interest and excavation during which time they have discovered and reconstructed several metres of the old wall and a building of the gateway.

Czchow Lake
A wild and open area for all sports water-based!

Ruins of Melsztyn Castle
The ruins of the gothic castle tower dating from the 14th century

Tropie Church
The St. Andrew and St. Benedic Roman style church is one of the oldest in Poland and was founded in 1045 by Kazmierz Odnowicel.

Chorwacja (Croatia)
A safe swimming area with different sized beaches for sunbathing and relaxing

Tropsztyn Castle in Wytrzyszczce
Built on a rocky outcrop, this castle was the home of knight-robbers for many years. The current castle is fully reconstructed and open for visitors

Bochnia Salt Mines
The Salt Mines in Bochnia are the oldest Polish salt mines which began in 1248. For over 8 centuries the mines have been in use and have created a unique underground city with chambers, chapels and salt structures. Visitors to the mines can walk through different routes or enjoy a boat ride deep underground. See: www.bochnia-mine.eu

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