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Kayaker's guide

Each kayak has a 30 litre sailing barrel in which a small rucksack and other items of baggage can be stored. It’s also possible to hire a waterproof cover for your mobile phone.
All documents can be safely stored in the watertight folder given to each kayak.
Medicines and other medical needs
Before departing it is important for the kayakers to ensure they carry all necessary medical equipment needed. Please remember to take private medical supplies as well as mosquito repellent, sunscreen, after-sun etc.
The weather on the river can be changeable and it is advisable to be ready for all conditions. It is recommended that you carry a rain jacket as well as a hat and sunglasses
Children on the rafting
Life jackets are provided for everyone – children and adults – so there is no reason to worry about taking part in an awesome trip.
Alcohol and drugs delay reactions and during the rafting they are a dangerous combination. It’s best to leave the celebrating until after you are out of the water
Help on the water
Always aid others if in need – don’t leave anyone on the water without help. As conditions are changeable, look out for others.
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