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Dunajec Rafting Route

Rafting on the Dunajec

We’ve prepared for our visitors’ wonderful offers for your time with us. Prepare yourselves for an amazing adventure. We cannot wait to see you!

Dunajec Rafting Route for Families with Children Prepare yourself and your family for an adventure along the gentle and one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland. Look out for the different plants and animals that you can’t see anywhere else.
You’ll have long memories of the day with us.

Dunajec Rafting for Individuals The rafting route in the natural area brings fresh air and an adrenalin rush for those willing to take part. It’s a great way to de-stress after a hard week at work in the beautiful countryside with peaceful and calm water.
The trip down the river will give you memories for the whole week of work!

Rafting for businesses Team building by rafting down the river will provide you with an amazing experience. Kayaking as a group will help create bonds between the participants and the highlight is the open fire for all successful rafters who make it to the end!

Remember that at the end of the rafting we will transport you back to the start point as part of the price of the ticket. You don’t need to worry about being stranded!

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