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list of castles on routes with Kajaki Dunajec – Niedzica – Czorsztyn –

Sromowce – Nowy Sącz – Rożnów – Tropsztyn – Czchów – Melsztyn – Tarnów (tower and ruins of the castle in Melsztyn, photo: Maciej Przeklasa)

Within the Dunajec area, the biggest attraction is of course… the Dunajec! Beautiful castles
proudly rising above the river and stunning landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can
see, as well as wild nature that you will not see elsewhere. For this peace and idyllic Galician
atmosphere …
BUT !!! – the real icing on the cake… or rather the grape on cake in the Małopolska is
“Małopolska is one of the most dynamically developing wine regions in Poland and it is here
that the most vineyards are registered! Tarnów region is sometimes called “Polish Tuscany”.
Most of the vineyards from the Małopolska Wine Route are located here. The journey along
the trail will be a real feast for the eyes, but also an opportunity to taste delicious wine and
delicious local products, such as cheese, cold cuts or bread, which will enhance the taste of
the drink … “source

źródło – Tarnowska Organizacja Turystyczna

źródło – Tarnowska Organizacja Turystyczna

“Polska Tuscany” – Vineyards can also be admired from the level of a kayak or a pontoon,
kayaking down the Dunajec River – rafting with a view on the vineyards or renting our electric
bikes, which will allow you to navigate through the beautiful and mountainous terrain –
through which there are numerous bicycle routes : Electric Bike Rental, including
VeloDunajec, EnoVelo, VeloNatura (EuroVelo 11), VeloMetropolis (EuroVelo 4)
You will receive maps in the package together with the bike, and the electronic version is
available below: pdf – Bicycle Map – Tarnów and enoVelo Region.

źródło – Tarnowska Organizacja Turystyczna
źródło – Tarnowska Organizacja Turystyczna

However, if you are interested in other attractions nearby Jurków (where we start the
canoeing trips and where our rental is located), you will find many attractions that are within
a few minutes of driving by car or only a bit longer by riding our electric bikes

Czchów – ruins of the 13th-century castle which many parts of were reconstructed
Czchowskie Lake
A real life paradise for all the lovers of relaxation by the water and practicing water sports.

Ruins of the castle tower in Melsztyn
ruins of a tower of a Gothic knight’s castle from the 14th century
Church in Trop
The Romanesque church, one of the oldest in this part of the country, was probably founded
in 1045 by Kazimierz Odnowiciel.
Tropsztyn Castle in Wytrzyszczka
erected on a rocky hill, it was the seat of robber knights for many years. Currently, the castle
is fully reconstructed and open to visitors.
Camping and swimming pool – Kąpielisko Chorwacja
a safe bathing beach where small and large sunbathers can relax by the water

Jurków, Czchów – free parking and starting base of the Dunajec River Rafting – accommodation, camping, beach, swimming pool for children and holiday atmosphere

Salt mine in Bochnia
“The historic Bochnia Salt Mine is the oldest mine in Poland, where the mining of rock salt
was started. Its origins date back to 1248. After nearly eight centuries of exploitation, it
resembles an extraordinary underground city, enchanting with unique workings, chapels
carved in salt rocks as well as original sculptures and devices used centuries ago. You can
visit the mine on foot and … by boat. ” source: Kopalnia Soli Bochnia
There is a historic manor park in Ispa, recognized as a natural monument.
Lake Rożnowskie
a beautifully situated lake, created as a result of the damming of the Dunajec waters, a real
pearl of Małopolska

J. Rożnowskie – fot. Maciej Przekalasa

Kayaking with an overnight stay along the Dunajec – for whom?
Dunajec and the area of it is most certainly an entertaining place to stay nearby. This area is
known for its amazing and stunning landscape and many opportunities to connect with
nature. Staying with your family or friends in the quiet yet so entertaining area will make you
forget all of the city chaos and help you regain your inner peace.
There are many options to choose from – from hotels through guesthouses to camping. All
you have to do is have fun!

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